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Dont be fooled by these bad tactics

There are a lot of tactics other real estate agents and websites are using out there to fool or trick buyers and sellers to using their service. Watch this informative video to learn about these tactics so you don't get scammed by these so called services.

My money saving listing fee

My listing fee is real simple.... only 4% full service total commission fee.

Where most agents will try to charge you 5,6 or even 7%. I only charge 4%

Plus I offer half of that 4% to outside agents to have them bring their buyers to also show the home. So 2% for my listing services, and 2% for bringing in the buyers.

No tricks, No gimmicks, just lowered the commission for you so that you can save thousands when selling your home. take a look at the chart below.

Homefinder money saving offer

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