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Owning vs. Renting?

Donít throw your money away

Fixed housing expenses

Freedom to enjoy your home


Donít throw your money away

Generally, no matter what the market, itís always smarter to buy than to continue renting. The money you pay in rent is money you will never see again. The money you pay towards a home you own can potentially build equity. 

For example, if youíre paying $1600 a month for rent, thatís $19,200 a year youíre essentially throwing away because there is no monetary return or investment there. If you take that same $1600, and pay it towards a home you purchase, youíre now paying into something you own and will make you money while you live in it. As you pay down your mortgage, not only does the balance get reduced, the value of your home goes up. The amount between what your mortgage is and the value of your home is the monetary benefit many homeowners enjoy: Equity! And equity is something you can never get from renting. 


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